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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The power of confidence

I attended the TedxManila event a few days ago, not as a speaker but as a participant. My son, Bryan, together with his band mate, Siops, did a talk on music and technology.
Their lead singer, Sara, completed the presentation by singing a new song of their own composition.
It was a very good presentation. And the key element that made the presentation good was because of the confidence they have shown.
Perhaps, it’s because their group named “Taken by Cars” has performed in many places not only here but also abroad. Or they have really taken the desire to do a good presentation right to the heart. And so they practiced hard and developed the confidence to present well.
Confidence is key. What makes me confident today?
I wouldn’t stand in front of many people to speak if I don’t have the confidence. And the more I think about it, the more I realize that building confidence should start as early as childhood. And it starts with something as simple as always handing things to an adult using two hands. This Asian custom always gives a good impression.
Confidence is important because it sets the tone.
Confidence creates favorable impressions that build up your public image. Confidence is not cockiness. Cockiness is for people with shallow minds and empty hearts camouflaging their insecurities. True confidence comes from the inside.
To create a good first impression while exuding confidence, here are some suggestions:
Dress appropriately for the occasion. Casual clothes are for casual occasions. And if the occasion is not casual, do not wear casual.
Hand things like business cards, pens, etc. using two hands.
And when somebody gives you his or her card, take time to study the details printed on the card. Do not just casually put the card away.
Shake hands firmly.
Make sure you pack with you the following tools:
Courtesy. Always be polite.
Attentiveness. Listening makes you a great conversationalist.
Being pleasant. There is power in charm.
Confidence. Do not be cocky.
Preparedness. You do not want to waste other people’s time by being sloppy with your work.
Consistency. Be constant in what you say and what you do.
Being positive. Do not relish in giving negative comments.
And most important of all, do not try to be somebody you are not, this is hard to live up to, just always be yourself.
And if you cannot exercise the suggestions given, then I would highly recommend that you spend more time working on your attitude and character.
This simply means you lack the confidence needed to create a positive impression. Read books on personal growth. Get a mentor. Attend seminars. But most importantly, be the person God wants you to be. Seek constant improvement and remember, the more you learn, the more confident you become.
And above all, consider others better than yourself. True humility is the most convincing evidence of confidence.

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