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Monday, July 7, 2014

95 reasons why your success will not happen...

Afraid to interact with people and network
Afraid to let myself get involved with someone
Afraid to socialise with people
All talk no action
Always a loser
Andy's crap will not work
Being pedantic
Can't control my mind
Can't take criticism
Can't take the risk
Change of culture cause problems
Cramped in studio - simplicity excuse for not doing enough
Design doesn't work as I'm too busy
Die broke and alone will fail at what you do
Don't deserve happiness or success
Don't have eno ugh money
Don't look good
Don't love or feel complete in what I do
Don't trust anyone
English not good enough
Fail exams and Thesis
Failed relationships will continue
Family not accepting things support or understand me
Feel I will lose all I have got and built up
Focus on too many things
How can you coach someone when not talented enough?
How make a living making...
I am a bad person
I will upset others
Insecurity with age
Just a woman
Keep learning but not apply knowledge
Lack of confidence in self
Lack of focus never finishes
Life will wear me down
Need a real job
Need to work at something I don't like in order to survive
Never be as successful as …………………
New surrounding might not suit me
No conversational or interpersonal skills on social level
No focus I will not complete it
No ideas
No mo ney or connections to get set up
No money to set up business
No one follow my blog will and will not subscribe
No one listen work crap
No one to fall back on if I fail
No patience
No plan to follow
No self esteem
No sense of colour when painting
No time
No time to study properly
Not an expert in any field or what I want to do
Not as good as my peers
Not better than anyone else don't have ability
Not expert in what I want to do
Not getting accepted
Not getting qualifications
Not good enough
Not my purpose
Not qualified
Not right time
Not smart enough
Not talented enough
Ok as you are - don't worry if fail as usual
Ok now but in a few days will forget everything
Other work gets in the way of my plan
Others will judge me
Over my head
Overwhelm too much on plate
Paid lot of money for bridge to nowhere
People are scared of me
P eople bored with me
People won't accept someone from another country
Phoney and loser
Plan will fail
Scared to move to next level
Self doubt
They're all twats
Too busy
Too comfortable where you are
Too easy too hard need new skills
Too lazy procrastinate not take action
Too many emergencies to deal with
Too old to be …….
Too stupid
Too risky to do something new
Too young and inexperienced to succeed
Turn a good agenda into ought's and should's
Unable to improve myself
Want results quickly no patience
Who am I to do this?
Will give up
Will not take action

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