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Friday, July 19, 2013


By Bob Perks

Do you ever feel like you are going nowhere?

Have you ever just stopped what you are doing because you were frustrated?

Well, my friend I have news for you. We are all going places even when we stop.

I was responding in an email to my friend Nathaniel. I said, "It's always good to have a dream and an ultimate dream, but use patchwork on the reality of your life."

I was talking about my front porch. It desperately needs to be replaced, but we can't afford it.

When I think about it, I have three possibilities.

1. My ultimate dream would be to tear it down and replace it with a small two story addition. Our bedroom is tiny so the second story would expand it a bit. The downstairs extension would be a closed in sitting area.

2. The dream would be to just replace the porch with a three season enclosure.

3. The reality is to patch the porch with a few new boards and lots
of paint.

I realized when I said this that formula is perfect for so many of my everyday dreams and plans.

The ultimate dream, the dream and the patchwork of reality.

Of course, one could argue that the fourth would be to do nothing.

Let it sit.

Then I "just happened to" (it never "just happens" for me) come across two interesting facts.

We may try to "sit this one out" but we are still moving.


Earth's average distance to the Sun is 150,000,000 km (93 million miles), therefore the distance it travels as it circles the Sun in one year is that radius x 2 x pi, or 942,000,000 million kilometers
in a year of 24 hours/day x 365 1/4 = 8,766 hours so you divide to get 107,000 km/h or about 67,000 mph.

Yep! That's you and I on the move even when we sit still.  (I didn't figure that out. I researched it. There are other more complicated answers available, but I think this makes my point.)

Oh, what about creating a "new you"?

My doctors keep telling me that I need to re-create myself in order to be happy.

I found out I already do that without really trying...

Your skin, due to shedding of skin cells, replaces itself every 7 years. Actually, your skin sheds every 28-45 days, rejuvenating the epidermis and allowing the next generation of skin cells to come forward. The dead skin needs to slough off to allow the new cells to the top. We shed about 40 lbs of skin in a lifetime.

Gee, I need to lose weight. 40 lbs isn't bad.

Yes, there were other influences and possibilities with that fact, too, but again I think it makes the point.

The truth is you can't just sit there and expect positive change in your life. You can't just stop in one place and expect to get towhere you really want to be.

You have all that you need to make those changes.

You don't want to end up with a life that has been patched up too many times.

So, "don't just sit there!"

"I believe in you!
Bob Perks

ABOUT THE AUTHORBob's signature story, "I Wish You Enough," has been released by Thomas Nelson Publishers and features a collection of his stories based on the eight wishes expressed in the original story. His inspiring true stories are based on the people he meets in his travels. Bob's unique perspective on life makes him "the philosopher of everyday moments." For more information visit his website at:http://www.IWishYouEnough.com or email Bob your comments to: perksblog@hotmail.com 

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